Printable List of Monsanto Owned “Food” Producers

Monsanto have made a name for themselves as being producers of some pretty questionable products.

It;s one thing avoiding products with the name ‘Monsanto’ emblazoned across the packaging, but their ties go deeper than that.

As like the rest of the world, food is big business, and while you might think that the food companies are out there doing their best for the consumer, wanting to give their customers the best product possible, sadly in most cases the aim of the game is profit.

All too often we see small, independent companies with a good moral code be bought out by bigger conglomerates to help with finances, or just because it is hard to be a small brand struggling in a monopoly of bigger companies.

By avoiding Monsanto you are giving you and your family the best chance at consuming healthy, natural foods free from GMO’s.

Monsanto are famous for including GMO’s in their products, and not just their acro-chemical products, it’s in most of their food, too. GMO’s have been linked with multiple negative health impacts on the body.

The main reason to avoid Monsanto when you visit your grocery store is because without knowing it, you have probably bought products in the past laced with Monsanto’s glyphostate pesticide, Roundup.

This product is found on nearly all fruit and vegetable found in most supermarkets. For fresh produce, we always recommend you buy from local organic sources.

So here’s the list of Monsanto-owned companies.

Print it out (ctrl+p) and take it food shopping with you, if you want to know which products are really owned by Monsanto.


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