You Are Going to Love This Coconut Bread Recipe — Especially If You’re Paleo

Just the smell of this Paleo-friendly coconut bread will send you to heaven, from our friends atPaleoHacks.

Nothing beats the flavor and aroma of freshly baked bread. This light and airy coconut flour bread is slightly sweet, making for the perfect Paleo breakfast or snack.

One of the biggest obstacles to my transition over to the Paleo diet was giving up bread, but after playing around with all kinds of different flours and recipes, I’ve come up with a couple that I absolutely love; this coconut bread is one such recipe.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that coconut flour has become a staple of my diet (try my Coconut Flour Pancakes), and given how versatile (and yummy) it is, you can hardly blame me!

My favorite thing about this style of bread is that it comes out as a modestly-sized loaf with a very satisfying crust on the outside, and of course a mouth-watering soft and moist inside. This is perfect for making into snack-sized sandwiches or simply slicing and spreading with almond butter.

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